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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pork Toutons

We have been enjoying all the food from Newfoundland! I will have to try them all another time when it isn't as much of a crazy week. Ugh, any of you other moms ever have one of those weeks were everything you cook just doesn't turn out right or look right! Well this recipe came from my husbands Aunt who was born and raised in Newfoundland, but from the picture I do not feel I did it any justice, Sorry Rose. Was a very yummy meal,actually my husband ate 3 of these for dinner last Monday. I am sure we will make this many more times I am sure but next time I will remember to grease the cooking sheet :) We had a regular garden salad on the side.

This is the message we received from my husbands Aunt Rose via facebook:

Pork Toutons
Boil 3 med. Potatoes, and mash them dry.
Salt and pepper
Then add 1tsp baking powder
and ½ cup flour (maybe a little more
and tiny-tiny pieces of salt pork (½ cup)
Be sure to cut it in tiny pieces
Mix it all together while the potatoes are warm.
then make into balls and flatten them out (not thin)
@ 350 oven
and bake on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes
Salt pork comes in a small block, (maybe $3.)
(At the store it where the Ham slices and Hams are)
This is a dinner meal with vegetables and bread.
Newfoundlander’s eat lots of boiled carrots and turnips

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