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Monday, March 11, 2013

Natural Cleaners!

This is my favorite of the home made cleaners so far. We go through a lot of oranges in this house so now we have a use for the peels we use to just throw away :) Super easy too! First, fill a large jar with orange peels. Second, pour white vinegar over top of the peels to the top of the jar.Final step, place lid on the jar and let it sit for 2 weeks. I use this for my tub and for my tile floor in my kitchen. We will be trying the same steps but with lemon peels next time!

Another simple cleaner that works GREAT is 12oz. of white vinegar warmed up in a microwavable dish. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle then add 12oz. of original dawn dish soap. I keep a spray bottle of this mixture by my kitchen sink and use it to wipe down the sink and counters after doing dishes and was AMAZED at how wonderful it was for cleaning the stove top.

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