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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrift and Consignment Shops

 My sister took me around thrift stores and consignment shops this last weekend and she found this for Savannah. It was only $2.50 and WOW was she excited! She has been asking for a "old days dress" as she would put it. Since they are into the American Girls books and dolls she feels this makes her look like one    :)

We found Natalie's whole outfit between 3 different stores. The shirt was $1.99. The leggings were $1.00 and the shoes were $12.99. The shoes were a little more costly but were brand new at a consignment shop from a higher up children's store originally $49.00. I think we still made a good savings.

I also had found a couple records for a $1.00 each for my husband. Think we will make a once a month or two times a month sister date out of this <3 I sure need a partner when I thrift shop. I have never been a shopper and actually get overwhelmed when I have to look at one item at a time on the racks so we split up who we are looking for and throw in some sisters joking and being silly and it makes the time go by a lot smoother.


  1. I love thrift stores! Jane has been looking for an old fashioned dress too, what a find.
    I am curious as to what records you bought. My small collection of records are 95% thrift store finds. My favorites are Charlie Brown Christmas, we play every year while we decorate the tree , Music Machine and Mary Poppins sound track. I have Michael Jackson's Thriller but it skips at Billie Jean and that is annoying.
    We should shop together some time.

  2. That would be fun to shop together! The records are mostly my husbands collection he started some time ago so it is alot of old school rock bands.I found him a Bill Cosby Sings.We have books and dvds of him too.The other was Tina Turner. They have a great store off Chicago Drive that has a ton of records.Music Machine would be a fun flash back one.I am the youngest of three girls and my sister who is the "middle child" and I use to drive my oldest sister crazy watching the movie all the time :)